An Open Letter to the Guy Who has a Crush on Me

Dear Guy Who is Deluded into Thinking He Likes Me,

I am touched in the deepest recesses of my heart that I have had the opportunity to be your crush. Thank you for this unique baptism, this utterly rare honor that you have chosen to bestow upon me. I shall never forget it.

I am at that point in my life where the turn of events has torn apart my safe haven and burnt it to ashes. To add to this misery, I have just finished watching a really good Korean Drama and after those unreal 16 episodes of pure bliss, I’m left more melancholic than ever.

So, I’ll quote the drama at you: Human beings are lonely from the moment they are born. I’ve not found any statement to be more true. At the core of every struggle and every pang of misery, at least for me, is loneliness. I don’t think I’ve ever fit in at any place that I’ve been at. I’m always longing for something else, for someone else, for someplace else. This need is insatiable, a burning fire that no water, no air, no land can extinguish. I’m always in want of something, something that is just out of reach and quite impossible, that I think would make life bearable. But it doesn’t, if I ever get it.

So with this stage setting in mind, with raging storms and unapologetic cyclones added to the drama for the amusement of whoever is the audience to my comically ironic life, you can imagine what a sunshine your misguided and unrequited feelings for me are. To be crude, it makes me feel less shitty about myself.

Like most people, I often feel starved for love and appreciation. One of my favorite songs at the moment, besides being the work of pure genius, has the lyrics that I have found myself feeling time and again:  “And all I do is cry and complain, because second’s not the same.” It’s a really shitty feeling to be drowning in all the time, when the radar that helps you detect all the avoidable bullshit in your life is broken.(Which is like 78.32% of the times.)

So in these waters, the fact that I am your crush makes me really happy. It’s unbelievable another human being could ever feel that way about me. And because of this, I think you are super awesome. I hope and pray you end up with someone who will give you the love you deserve until the stars fall from the sky.

All I can promise, in exchange for this priceless gift, is my undying adoration for you. I will always root for you in every aspect of your life; I’m forever Team You. I will never forget this.

All My Love

The Receiver of Your Unrequited Temporary Feelings


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Featured Image: ‘The Letter’. Art print by Wladyslaw Czachorski. 


An Open Letter to the Guy from my Gym

Dear Gym Hottie

It’s been ages since I’ve seen you and to be honest I’ve, in fact, forgotten your face. So let’s hope that you haven’t gone missing and the police doesn’t ask me to give them your description  (because I’m too hopeless to even attempt to do that).

I’ve seen you about twice in my whole life, but believe me, that was enough to make me always look for you in the crowd, rather hopelessly I might add.

For me, running on the treadmill next to you on that fateful day will always be a fond memory of our non existent relationship. I cannot seem to forget how I kept staring at my own reflection in the mirror to avoid looking at you, which made me fall in love even more.

With myself, that is. Because of the perfection that is me.

And then I realized, or rather imagined, that you were stealing glances at me too, which heightened my  adoration to the infinite sky.

For my own self, that is.

And then I almost broke my teeth as I skid down the treadmill because I was too preoccupied with the love fest and lost my footing as a result of it.

I still remember what attracted me to you was how tall you were. Tall enough to stand on your toes and pluck the moon from the sky if you wanted. Everything about you reminded me of the starry sky on a clear summer night: you were dark and mysterious, and immensely out of reach. And staring at you made me happy and my heart skip a beat.

So I did what any girl with a crush on a guy would do: I completely avoided you, scowled at you when you tried to smile at me, tripped on the floor a few times and even dropped my phone on someone’s foot when you were near.

You need to come back to the gym, dear Gym Dude. I miss the romance.

With love

The Girl Who You Think Hates You But Doesn’t Really Hate You In Fact It’s The Opposite


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A Letter to my Best Friend

Dear Best Friend

Happiest 24th birthday to you, you wondrous human being.

I wish you the sun, the moon and the stars, but only the bright and good parts without the shade. I pray you find all that you desire in life, all that you dream and all that you deserve, for you do deserve to be the happiest creature on the planet. You have a beautiful soul and I have been utterly blessed to know you. What would I have ever done without you?

I promised a handwritten letter to you, something I will fulfill in the near future, but this isn’t it. This is in response to your previous request that I write about you, and so here this goes.

As a person, you are someone people read books about. There are a billion contours to your soul, with such depths that you yourself haven’t fathom them as of yet. While you have your quirks about you, what overshadows everything is that you sincerely and truly never want to harm anyone or anything.

Well, at least when you’re sober.

Kidding. Don’t kill me for that.

I mean it when I say you have a brilliant soul. You do not compete with anyone and are so utterly at ease with being yourself that it has inspired me to try and imbibe that quality. Nothing really threatens you and that is a very rare human trait, dear friend. That is a part of your charm and the reason why people love to have you around them.

And talking about people, you are so good with them! I have never seen you caught in an awkward moment with anyone. You are so good with getting along with everyone and mingling even with people you’ve never met before. I cannot recall even one moment when you’ve been out of your element. No wonder everyone who meets you falls in love with you, platonic or otherwise.

So, in all honesty, you can’t really blame it all on the tons of guys who think you’re Aphrodite. *insert wink here*

You are beautiful, inside and out. It is something you should take pride in and remember in moments you doubt yourself. You are smart and intelligent. My favourite part about that quality of yours is how reason flows through your every thought, although it may not always be correct, or politically correct. (Don’t kill me for that either.) That is why I love sparring with you on most occasions. You are my favourite debate buddy. We’ll be passionately arguing about our different point of views at one point like mortal enemies and then sharing a joke the next. I rarely get a chance to do that with anyone else.

As a friend, you are honest, caring and loving to the core. I think you’ve let me drag you to places you didn’t want to go more than you’ve let anyone else do. You’ve saved me numerous times, whether it meant coming to pick me up when I didn’t have my car (even if that meant disturbing your slumber/siesta/ I don’t even have a name for the time you are asleep) or helping me realize my blunders and getting over my misgivings. You’re a treasure. There are times when there’s no one in the world I feel like talking to other than you, because you understand me in a way rarely anyone does. You never judge me. You’re never jealous. You rarely take offence. I know my secrets are always safe with you. Thank you for being my safe haven in the stormy times of my life. You’re the sunshine in the rainy day.

My wish for you is that you truly understand who you are, because as I always tell you, you’ve barely just scratched the surface. You are kind to strangers, courteous to everyone you meet and righteous in all your dealings. I cannot tell you how rare that is. I’ve never met anyone quite like you. And I know these elements will magnify as you grow into your true self.

I wish you find the success that you deserve more than anyone. And then even more success. Because you’re a great person.

I wish you find beauty and peace in your days. That you find shelter when it’s too sunny or too cold.

I pray you find the love you desire, the love you deserve, and then some more.

I pray I always have you to share my life with, to grow up with.

I pray every wish every desire of yours comes true, to the truest degree possible, sooner than you expect. I wish it turns out to be even more amazing than you ever thought it could be.

I cannot wait for the day both of us are done with the war we’re fighting right now in our lives; for the day we’re sitting by the beach sipping margaritas (well, you sipping one and me most probably eating a margherita), while reminiscing about the old days and being completely enthralled by the present and the future.

All the love in the world

Your Best Friend

Postscript: Do not forget, I’ve got dibs on being godmother to your first born. I am completely willing to wrestle any contenders.

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An Open Letter to Starbucks

Dear Commercial Giant Starbucks

You are criticized for your over-priced strangely addictive coffee and one of my cousins is among those who ardently loathe you and all that you stand for. You are considered responsible for the homicide of adorable quaint little indie cafes who cannot compete with you. You are often mocked and taunted, and let’s not forget your ‘race together’ campaign. But you, dear multi million corporation, are the one who saved me.

I owe you one of the best summers of my life, Starbucks. I was all alone in a foreign country- tired, hot, thirsty, almost broke, sans wifi with a bladder on the verge of bursting, and you saved me, although you made me even more broke while doing that. And right now I terribly miss you and all of it. If I could relive my summer all over again, I wouldn’t change a single thing. Except pack more clean underwear probably.

My summer has been one of lone adventures in an unknown land with only my wits and GPS to guide me about. And every time my feet would scream at me to stop my explorations in wonderland, I would look you up right away and there you would be, literally right around every corner I ever was. Tucked away from the bustle. Sweet. Majestic. Green, with the scent of coffee and free wifi wafting about you.

Don’t get too full of yourself though. What automatically made me search for you all those times wasn’t love or lust. It was familiarity. No matter what borough I would find you in, you would be the same. You would woo me the same way. I knew all those times that I couldn’t make a fool of myself in your Company. Pun totally intended. I, soon enough, became well acquainted with exactly how you would use me and how I was going to use you. No surprises. Like a cliched damsel running into the arms of her ex every night she got lonely. And I ran to you all those times. I’m not too proud of all the money you made me spend on you but I swear to God, you were worth it every time. Especially the Chai Tea Lattes. Oh, the Chai Tea Lattes. And me, sprinkling Vanilla and Nutmeg and more Vanilla. And Cinnamon. And more Vanilla. I could never get enough of that Vanilla. I could never get enough of you.

Some nights you made me feel cheap. The times I tried to conserve my dwindling cash, you tricked me with the fancy descriptions under your fancier coffee names and that damned Red Velvet Cupcake you displayed right where I stood waiting in the line for the bathroom. Some nights you cuddled me with your warmth while I read one of my favourite books when it poured outside. I would never forget those rainy nights. Some nights, the nights we were apart as we are now, you made me insanely crave you.

Chai. Tea. Latte. And Vanilla.