Love Song of the Inconspicuous Nomad

The Leaves of Grass bend and curve, too unnoticeable, as I tread on

Ironic as I too am one among the inconspicuous travelling hearts

Homesick for a nonexistent home, luring me, gnawing on, the insatiable emptiness of this abyss

I can feel the cold reach my spine, a numerous dark dystopic malignant thoughts are born

Your absence scares me the most as I try to choose among the paths

Insufferable endings, unfathomable innumerable starts

I await, walking on this moonless night, of death’s sweet sweet kiss

For all feelings, aspirations, expectations, epiphanies are already long dead

I buried them as She buried her Sorrow

But of this visible superficial facade, I do not know.

I saved some of those thoughts

Wrapped the fragile carefully, stowed them in a box

‘tis a moonless night but the stars do glisten

I still am in wait, still try to listen

To the sound of the footsteps that may accompany me on this lonesome quest

But I think my ears are too accustomed to this eerie quiet

The heart that knows no rest

The soul that is utterly tired

I still keep that box with me as I rest under this tree for the night

Though you may never find me, says this deep dark fearful insight,

I hope I remember where I left it, before my memory fades forever

You find me before I turn to ice, burn away my fear of never.