I want to say that I’m thankful for the fall

for the pain that has reduced me to a crawl

I want to say that the loss has made me strong

Beyond the colors of right or wrong

I want to say I accept the fate that is mine

that I’m holding up just fine

I want to say that I know the sun shines behind the cloud

that no storm, no thunder can be too loud,

but if I do, I would be lying.


I talk in cliches, that’s how I’m wired

My life is a cliche, how can I not be tired.

Tired enough to write this bare simple verse,

beyond the energy to anymore curse.

I envy time travelers with their groundhog day,

I envy people who have people begging them to stay.

I envy the strong, the mighty, the people who fit in,

I envy people who are not punished for their sins.

If I say anything otherwise, I would be lying.


© That Girl in the Fray, 2017. All rights reserved.