The Games we Play

It’s a masquerade ball and I’m dressed in black.

It’s a power struggle, it’s a test of who can hold back,

of who can pretend to care the least,

who can cage the ego of the beast.


You take my hand and we move to the piano and violin.

You take my hand and we glide across all that we hide.

Your hand on the small of my back, every step a perfect sin.

Your hands are good at this, but my tongue is bit by my pride.


Then you go on and make a move I could well expect.

You pull me close for a split of the beat of my heart,

and push me back the next.

Your body next to me, your soul miles apart.


My feet will hurt when the evening is over, I know

My heart will burn in insatiable doubts, I know.


Yet, I dance along to the music you chose,

And I keep myself from holding you close,

I hide behind your illusion that I’m cold hearted.

You’ll never know what you do to me is a territory uncharted.


When this night ends, I know I will have to let go,

because there is nothing that binds us behind this show.

Yet I dance along, for it is only then I have you.

Yet I sway along, never saying out loud I’m in love with you.


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