The Silence in the Black and White

The piercing ache shoots from my legs

and gnaws upwards,

like a million buckets of ice covering every inch of my skin

to a point I don’t know if I’m cold or burning.


Your hands were what saved me, although I will deny it

Your touch was what made me feel human, although I will deny it


Meaningless dreams are the place we meet now

without the anchor of your vow

of forever


Silent dreams are where I see you now

because I can feel the drug leave my body

and if I hear your voice, I know I will relapse


I don’t look at the pictures anymore

I have lost my strength and crumbled

I don’t think of the happy times anymore

because I know I will fall and stumble


But this hollow ache

this blankness behind my mask

these screams in my chest

these cuts on my arms

won’t stop haunting me.


Yet I cannot stop dreaming in monochrome.


© That Girl in the Fray, 2018.  All rights reserved.

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