I’ve lost the ability to stop

I’ve lost all reason to hope that I ever will

So, one more glass, one more bite,

And a million more as day turns into night

I hear the bottle open up with a pop

Drink, they tell me, drink, they’ll take care of the bill

And I do, thinking it’ll make the hollowness go away

I’ve lost my conscience now, who are they trying to sway

One more sin, another and another

It’s all stopped mattering now

My life is a flower pressed in a long forgotten book

Stale, no hope, water can’t help me now

Another slice of pizza, another piece of chocolate,

Another glass of that free Chardonnay

Another movie, another episode,

Another hour as I lie vacant in bed

Let another minute pass by,

then another one,

then another five

Life is meaningless, why bother otherwise

Another new drug to try

Another new lipstick to buy

Another new outfit to match it, then another

And then comes the ocean of guilt and regret, the self loath

Oh there you are, raising your head out of the inferno fire,

Come to me and swallow me whole, my loves

Come and let me finally let the red flow

Let the snakes swallow Medusa.

© That Girl in the Fray, 2017. All rights reserved.





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